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Phone: 1-866-673-3276

Main Office:  510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon


This free, resume-building event is for post-secondary students to learn about FASD and prepare for their future careers. Attendees will learn strategies for support and gain an understanding of the lived experience of FASD. Each attendee will be challenged to consider how they might use this knowledge of FASD to make a difference in their future careers. FASD is a unique disability that requires knowledge and understanding of the fundamental behaviours to offer beneficial support or assistance to the individual.

Students in programs as diverse as social work, child care, education, nursing, addictions, corrections, etc. will benefit from this workshop which includes free coffee, pastries and lunch. The workshop is open to students or recent graduates from any university, college, or technical school in Saskatchewan.


12:00 p.m. – Free lunch
12:30 p.m. – FASD presentation


Monday, March 2nd
Travelodge Hotel (106 Circle Drive West)
Delta Room

Wednesday, March 4th
Atlas Hotel (4177 Albert Street South)
Marshall/Watson Room

Prince Albert
Monday, March 9th
Coronet Hotel (3551 2 Ave West)
Regency Ballroom

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