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Network Staff & Board

Executive Director  


Andrea is the Executive Director an has been with the organization since 2014, formerly in the role of Support Program Manager.


Training Manager


Using her personal experiences and education, Shana works on behalf of the Network to develop and deliver training, often travelling across the province.


Marketing & Projects Manager


Nicole is responsible for all kinds of projects at the Network including communications and marketing, events, resource development,  and more.




Support Program Coordinator


As the Support Program Coordinator, Raylene oversees the services offered to clients across Saskatchewan.

c: 306-540-9580





Integrated Justice Program Coordinator

Robyn has worked with the Network on a variety of projects before joining the staff as coordinator of the organization's justice services.
p: 306-352-1210



Saskatoon Support Worker


As one of the Network's longest employees, Monique is an integral part of the Support Program team.
p: 306-975-0881

c: 306-229-5844



Saskatoon Support Worker


Alexis started at the Network as a practicum student and now works to provide support to caregivers and individuals with FASD.
c: 306-291-9969

Jessica O.jpg

Saskatoon Support Worker


Jessica joined the organization's Support Program after working as a practicum student. As one of our Support Workers she offers client services to individuals with FASD in Saskatoon.
c: 306-270-5738



Saskatoon Support Worker


Laura joined the Network as one of our Support Workers. Her role at the organization has been to offer support primarily to caregivers accessing services.

Laura is away on leave.





Provincial Support Worker


The support worker's role is to offer Provincial Support Services, providing one-on-one support to clients from any community across Saskatchewan.
c: 306-291-9948





Regina Support Worker

Located at our Regina office, Chiara provides wrap-around support services to individuals with FASD and their caregivers.
c: 306-570-2802





 Justice Support Worker


Sjaane is an integral member of our Integrated Justice Program working with clients in the Regina and the surrounding areas.
p: 306-352-7529

c: 306-551-4706





Justice Support Worker


Jayleen provides specialized services to individuals and families who need assistance with the justice system.

c: 306-551-4708





Justice Support Worker


Jenna joined the Network to provide specialized justice support to clients in Saskatoon.
p: 306-975-0843

c: 306-281-3253




Administrative Assistant


As Administrative Assistant, Amy-Jo plays a key role in all of the Network's many departments.
p: 306-975-0874

Board of Directors

Nolan Berg - Board Chair

Bobbi Spicer - Vice-chair

Keith Da Silva - Treasurer

Ali Snider - Secretary

Jaime Boldt

Tara Anderson

Lee Shepherd

Oluwabunmi Iyalla

Darlene Halyk

Holli Kuski-Bassett

Sudesh Galhenage

Ashley Hricz

Become a Member

Thank you for considering membership with our organization. The Network offers membership to individuals for $20.00 and to organizations for $100.00. These fees help the Network to achieve its vision statement.


Membership is open to everyone.  All members have the right to vote and become elected to our Board of Directors.  Becoming a member is simple, just fill out the membership form below and send it along with payment.

We truly appreciate your support.


Membership Form


Network Bylaws



Become a Board Member

The FASD Network is looking for new Board members to volunteer for our team. Originally comprised solely of parents the Network’s board is now open to anyone with professional expertise or lived experiences with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.


Operating as a governance Board, members work together to oversee the direction of the Network and guide it towards strategically achieving its mission, “to enhance the lives of individuals and families living with FASD.” We are looking for someone whose background could be beneficial to our Board in the areas of FASD, strategic planning, non-profit management or past experience volunteering on a Board of Directors.


Your commitment to the Board:

  • All Board positions are volunteer

  • The Board meets in Saskatoon once every three months with travel and accommodations for out-of-town members being covered

  • Members serve on the board for two-year terms (for a maximum of three terms)

If you want to make a difference in the lives of those affected by FASD, we would like to hear from you.


An application can be downloaded and sent to Voting on Board Member positions occurs at the Network's Annual General Meeting on Friday, June 7th 2019.


Board Member Application


Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in working at the FASD Network of Saskatchewan check out our current job openings below. 


Job purpose

The purpose of this job is to provide support to families and individuals living with FASD who reside in communities across the province.

  • Provide direct support to families assisting them with creating strategies and accommodations for their home, school and work environments.

  • Support families to access existing services and/or tailor services to meet the needs of individuals with FASD and their families.

  • Support individuals with FASD and their families to recognize themselves as safe, supported, valued, and contributing members of the community.

  • Facilitate support networks in and around the province of Saskatchewan as funding allows.

  • Work to increase awareness and understanding in the community of the impact of FASD on persons with the disability and their families.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provide information and support to individuals with FASD, families, and support persons throughout the province via communication methods including electronic, telephone, video calls, conference calls and, when possible, in person meetings.

  • Provide one-on-one support to families affected by FASD in several areas such as:

           - developing support plans
           - providing education around FASD
           - assisting families to facilitate respite
           - attending meetings and appointments with families to enhance the understanding of both service providers and 
           - becoming a part of multidisciplinary teams in education, justice, health, and addictions sectors to assist families or
             individual members
           - meeting with employers
           - implementing appropriate strategies and accommodations that will increase the chances for success in the home, 
             community, school or workplace.

  • Make referrals to service providers (ie: occupational therapists, counselors, addictions groups, etc.) Support Professionals will have the ability to provide information on FASD to these groups to meet the needs of the client and the community itself.

  • Provide behavioral consultation and outreach strategies including home visits when necessary or beneficial. For example, providing practical strategies like creating visual charts, task lists, use of timers and other reminders.

  • Assist families in accessing current services such as the CDS, mentorship programs, and appropriate educational and employment supports. (Knowledge of regional resources and the most effective approaches to access such supports is vital.)

  • Support the facilitation of learning among parents (birth, adoptive, foster, grandparents, and extended families) through creative approaches (role modeling, demonstrating). This includes connecting families to training opportunities and provincial events provided by the FASD Network of Saskatchewan.

  • Assist families in accessing the assessment and diagnostic services available. Work with families to understand assessment documents and support them through the process.

  • Promote Caregiver Support Meetings within Saskatchewan communities and provide ongoing support in the facilitation of the support groups across the province.

  • Linking families to other families for peer support and shared learning.

  • Engaging with regional community professionals to educate them about the Network.

  • Providing information and advocacy on behalf of families to ensure appropriate service provision within community areas

  • Creating partnerships with local mentors and other support professionals working to provide guidance and strategies that are FASD-specific

  • Once a relationship has been established, work with the community to provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers in the area to meet.

  • Developing and maintaining a network of referrals and community connections.

  • Respond to calls on the Toll-free phone line, managing transfers to relative departments, making referrals or taking action as necessary while ensuring the completion of necessary documentation and statistics.

Additional Duties

  • Contribute to board reports, annual reports and other documents as directed by the Management Team.

  • When requested, deliver educational presentations and group training on behalf of the Network.

  • Other related duties as assigned.

Other Requirements

  • Must be able to work evenings and weekends as the position requires.

  • Travel will be expected, including overnights.

  • Must have access to a vehicle and be willing to use the vehicle for job purposes, including client transportation where necessary


  • Related post-secondary education such as Bachelor of Social Work degree.

  • 1-2 years’ experience working with families who have a member living with a cognitive disability.

  • Knowledge of FASD, its affects, and strategies in behavior management is desired.

  • Ability to use independent judgment in routine and non-routine situations.

  • Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors and other staff members.

  • Ability to utilize and understand computer applications and techniques as necessary in the completion of required documentation. Including the use of all video call software.

  • Ability to plan, organize and/or prioritize daily activities

This position is available in either our Saskatoon or Regina office. We encourage applicants from both communities to apply. Email your cover letter and resume to by September 15th, 2021. 

Application deadline: 2021-09-15

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: $23.00 per hour

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