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The Network has created several resources to help people learn about FASD and create strategies to support individuals with this disability. 


These resources can be downloaded by clicking on the images below. Limited quantities of the printed resources can be sent anywhere in Saskatchewan for no cost. Cost-recovery fees apply for out-of-province or large quantity orders.


Resources Available for Order

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The FASD Network's
Supports and Services


The FASD Network's

Training and Events

To order resource:
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Electronic Resources

FASD Unexpected Journeys

In 2015, the FASD Network began collecting stories from people whose lives have been affected by FASD. Now, we have published the completed project, a book titled "FASD Unexpected Journeys." It is our hope that this book will help show the world the truth about FASD. It is with the purpose of ending the stigma and misconceptions that this book was created. Chronicled within this collection are the stories of the challenges that have been overcome, the successes gained after countless struggles, and the accomplishments that were deemed impossible. It is a testament to the true ability and nature of the people among us who live with FASD.

We will be giving the first copy to each individual/organization free-of-charge with a cost-recovery shipping fee (for Saskatchewan residents only). Additional copies can be ordered for $25.00. Please contact the Network to order your copy:
(306) 975 - 0896


The Network has created blank templates for visual reminders. Just download the file, fill in the information, and hang it somewhere that the individual with FASD can use it. We often suggest that the documents be laminated so they can be checked off with a dry erase marker then wiped down and re-used.

Routine Checklist Template

Example - bedtime routine 

Task/Reminder List Template
Example - leaving the house

Clock Schedule Template     

Example - getting ready in the morning


Daily Schedule Template
Example - workday schedule


Meal Plan & Grocery List Template

Example - meal plan

Zones of Regulation Template

Example - zones of regulation



The FASD Network's Annual Reports

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